Cutting a tourmaline

How to design the perfect gemstone

Celine Roelens

How to design the perfect gemstone

Feeling. Precision. Creativity.



The first step is the rough analysis. Every single piece of rough is carefully analyzed by a designer (also called “preformer” in our cutter vocabulary). He will need to assess the presence of inclusions. During this step, his goal is to design a stone which will include the smallest amount of visible inclusions in order to achieve at least the level of eye-clean gemstones. The challenge here is to waste as little rough as possible but still create the cleanest stone he can.



The second is precision. From designing till the last step of the cutting process (polishing), precision is the key. The designer will have to be precise in his measurements and assumptions about the rough in order to help the cutter. During this step, both designer and cutter work hand in hand and need to communicate properly in order to reach the level of perfection wanted. A precise sketch will be drawn during this step.



Finally, the third much needed skill is creativity. Creativity will allow the designer to always develop new cutting styles and shapes and being creative with, sometimes, very unusual rough shapes. Both the designer and cutter need this creativity. The preformer is willing to bring new shapes and cutting styles but also retain the maximum weight from the rough stone. He also selects similar rough to create harmonious pairs or, when very luck, beautiful layouts. The cutter needs to be creative to orientate the facets in the right angles and to retain the best color possible.


From rough to polished


Celine Roelens works with skilled craftsmen who emphasis on this skills as they are constantly developing new gemstone designs and facet combinations. Gemstones which Celine uses in her creative fine jewelry or your costum made design. 

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Celine Roelens

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