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celine passion for intensely fiery color stones

“Meet CELINE ROELENS (°1980), goldsmith jewelry designer and inspirer of “THE GOLDBEETLE” and “CELINE ROELENS” fine jewelry. Celine is a creative centipede. As a child she won numerous drawing and recitation competitions and jumps from one stage to another for theater and musical performances.

“Art” and “creativity” could have been her first words. Her parents were jewelers at heart and the family business made Celine love everything that sparkles and shines. After a first year of Graphic Design, the passion for making jewelry really started taking the upper hand. Celine wants to learn a trade and switches to the goldsmith jewelry design course in Antwerp (Belgium). After her education, she does internships at various foreign ateliers (Italy, Germany,..), gets a job at the Diamond Club and graduates as “Certified Diamond Grader & Certified Gemologist” at the Diamond High Council in Antwerp (Belgium).

Celine works hard and with passion. She specializes in extremely rare and intense fiery colored stones.

Think Padparacha sapphire, mandarin garnet, indigolite, Paraïba tourmaline, rubellite or Santa Maria aquamarine. Celine explains enthusiastically: “I love sourcing and selecting gemstones. I work in a very meticulous way and raise the bar time after time. I strive to create irresistible and unique masterpieces for my customers combining stones with pure craftsmanship and an attractive design.“ Celine gets her inspiration from the image of strong women. With her jewelry she wants to give women that extra touch and strength in their busy, challenging and exciting lives. “It is so nice when a customer can find just that one color that emphasizes her personality even more.” says Celine. When designing her creations, Celine resolutely opts for color. In this process, top quality colored stones and durability are at the top of the list. A quest that takes her to the farthest corners of the world. Her finest tourmalines come from Madagascar, her rarest sapphires from Sri Lanka.

“All my jewelry designs revolve around color,” she explains passionately. “Too often people think that colored gemstones are inferior, while that is not true at all. The most beautiful specimens are much rarer and more precious than diamonds. It is true that sometimes you have to search a little longer for the best quality. The search for the right stone can take up to months. My suppliers know that I am very demanding. I only want to provide my customers with the most beautiful and rarest pieces.”

Recently Celine launched her first international jewelry project “THE GOLDBEETLE”. The brand name is inspired by the rare and golden beetle - Chrysina resplendens who lives in Costa Rica. The beetle is an ancient talisman that brings luck, wisdom, respect and protection to the wearer. Each lucky beetle is designed by Celine and has it’s own name and meaning. These wearable art pieces are set with selected and very rare gems such as tsavorite, Royal purple garnet, indigolite, aquamarine, mandarin garnet or tourmaline. They are handcrafted by the best artisans in Valenza, Italy where Celine took a stage more then 20 years ago.”

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